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Our Technology Stack

Mastery only comes with practice. For that reason we really prefer to focus on a restricted set of technologies for the bulk of our work. We have a strong background in .NET and Java from our past lives, but presently here's how we do things...

Web Development

Our preferred stack is Ruby on Rails. We would also entertain Python/Django and our prior expertise in Java and PHP, but RoR is our vehicle of choice. Close RoR relatives such as Sinatra we also gladly use for lighter weight components.

Mobile Development

It's all Android and iPhone at the moment. We are keeping a close eye on Windows Phone 7, but are not optimistic about it's future. We'll see! We are particularly skilled at integration of mobile devices with cloud based services and can define simple secure API's for that purpose.

Tools and Practices

We use SCRUM to get our day to day work done. Our clients are encouraged to participate, but we can accommodate most formal and informal project management approaches. That said, we strongly prefer light-weight and agile approaches. We use Pivotal Tracker to manage product backlog and progress. As mentioned, in our opinion, less is more. It's important to realize that the tools work for you, not the other way around.

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