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About Kiwiluv

The Company

We're a virtual organization made up of software development and business intelligence professionals who love to put cool solutions together for ourselves and our customers. Our expertise includes mobile software (iPhone and Android) which is tightly integrated with cloud hosted web applications and RESTful web services. Although virtual in nature, most of us are in the Philadelphia area.

The Founders

We are a couple of software development professionals who's skills range from embedded application to the latest web technologies and we're making our foray into mobile applications.

Karen Chung

Karen Chung is a member of the Wharton Executive MBA Class of 2011. Karen has about ten years of experience in technology development and has led teams of engineers delivering mission critical systems for the US Coast Guard and Royal New Zealand Navy. She worked as a software systems architect for a smart phone product approved for the NSA Type 1 encrypted data, email and voice communications. She holds Masters of Science degrees in Computer and Information Science and in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Karen is now a development manager in the cable industry and is bootstrapping Kiwiluv as a labor of love. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, skiing, and photography.

Dave Reynolds

Dave has been coding since the Commodore 64/Apple II days. He has his BSEE, MSEE and MBA and spent the first decade of his career living and working in Switzerland where he earned his business degree and did a lot of skiing. His background is in digital signal processing and algorithms, but lately has become enamored with web development. After a successful career climbing the corporate ladder from engineer, to manager to director, Dave left his most recent position overseeing an empire of almost 80 software developers for a smaller team, using agile development methodologies. Dave's current day job working with systems which deliver video on demand to all of the screens (TV, phone, computer) in our lives. Kiwiluv is a vehicle for him to stretch his entrepreneurial wings and build some fun and interesting products using the latest and greatest technologies. In his spare time, Dave hangs out with his family, skis, hikes, mountain bikes and is into photography and travel.

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